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⚠️ I unfortunately paused the development of Fedodo. In this blog post I explained in detail why I did that. ⚠️

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What are the key features of Fedodo?

Modularity. Extensibility. Customizability. The modular design of Fedodo allows developers and server hosters to add new components on the server side as well as completely change the user interface. You can even build completely new user interfaces which the Fedodo developers never thought about. Everything is possible!

One Server. One Account. Today you need to have a lot of accounts to enjoy all social networks. With ActivityPub you can communicate with everyone. That is awesome but now you have a lot of accounts as well. One for pictures, one for text, one for messages… Fedodo changes that. You now only need to have one account. An Fedodo account. Fedodo provides you with different user interfaces but the server stays the same. So you can enjoy all your social networks from one place.

Modern Technologies Fedodo is build with modern technologies from the ground up. It uses an Micro-Service-Architecture and fits into modern environments.